To Do’s, Today’s, Tallis, Totes, and Tweets

To Do Today:

All My Children

All My Children

1.) Bike over to Carroll Gardens and buy more coffee beans from D’Amico. Love, love & love.

2.) Group Photo! Assemble ALL of the kids and take a picture of them totes togeths. Sad, beautiful, and true…shhhhhhyouloveit.

3.) Park Loop. Then, if it’s sunny, which it won’t be because it NEVER is because New York is actually New Seattle…work on the Summer Tan.

4.) Drop off about 36 dresses at dry cleaners. I like to think I’m a large part of the reason why that family is able to put food on the table every night.

5.) Buy Flowers. A Lady should always have flowers in the Home. I am feeling Peoniesische today.

6.) The Routine: Scales, Swirls, Twirls, Whirls.  Then, start learning Rosenkavalier.

7.) Save The Whales.

8.) Play Summertime Classics concert #3 at the NYP. I love Tchaikovsky. There,

I said it, and on the Internets of all places. He was the ultimate tunesmith.


Today I Am Obsessing Over:

1.) Plantain Chips.

2.) The fact that the guy who is ALWAYS ALWAYS playing Native American flute on the downtown F platform at Broadway Lafayette has…(gulp)…moved his setup OUTSIDE. You know it’s summer when…

3.) Any dress with pockets. Dresses that don’t have pockets are now stupid.

4.) Playing middle D flat perfectly in tune.

5.) My local Chinese acupressure place and the lady who I regularly pay to beat me up. Hurting has never felt so gooooood.

6.) My new 8-key Chris Wilkes flute!

7.) My new set of cray-pas and charcoals!!

8.) My new neon yellow running shorts!!!!!!!!!

9.) …….aaaaaaand my ever dwindling bank account balance.

Today’s double-eWe, Tea, eFFFFFFFs:

1.) People who eat unshelled peanuts on the subway. Just. Gross.

2.) Going to the Korean deli across the street, buying an avocado, a carton of milk, a half dozen eggs, and pack of Bubblemint Orbitz..and having it cost $24.75. My dumbfounded facial expression? Priceless.

3.) Hipsters who talk loudly about playing capture the flag at night in Prospect Park. Wait. Maybe I’m just jealous I wasn’t invited. (anyone wanna play??? Call me.)

4.) The way that some Lincoln Center people react when I tell them I live in Brooklyn. [them, stammering] “….Are….are you safe out there?????” [me] “Well, I mean, aside from the rabid dogs and rapists and bubonic plague, um…prettymuchyeah.”

5.) The Apple Store. Especially the Genius Bar. Genius? Come on, now…

6.) The insane cycling gang guys in Prospect Park who SHOUT their conversations OUT LOUD to each other while their whizzing around the Loop. Why are they talking so LOUDLY? Why are they all dressed in matching jerseys and bikes and helmets and shoes? “TO BETSY THE ONLY WAY YOU’RE GONNA GET ME TO GO” whizz “RIDICULOUS OVER THERE WITH ALL THOSE BREADS AND” whizz “OUTSIDE BUT THE GUY WHO OWNED THE PLACE DIED JUMPING UP A” whizz.

7.) Spanish tourists…I don’t know why, they just bug me. All those cropped parachute pants make me feel uncomfortable.


Something that hangs dangling between an obsession and a ???  for me right now has to do with the The National Flute (wait for it) Association’s Annual Convention, (it’s coming) which is happening in New York City this August (RUN FOR YOUR LIFE).  In addition to that just being A Fact, it is being dubbed The Bright Flutes, Big City Convention.  I.  Just.  Can’t.  Handle.  That.  It makes me giggle and blush and die all at once.  What if I start answering my phone, “Bright flutes, Big City.  Alex speaking…”  Anyway, while you chew on that I’ve gone ahead and picked some of the events I’m super @#$%!&&&*#ed for:

Lobby Concert: Flutatious! and Howlin’ Winds

50 Variations on the Carnival of Venice for 60 Flutes and Piano: Trevor Wye plays magic flutes, piccolo, bass, Scandinavian, flute, Indian flute, Cindy Flute, several electronic flutes, double and triple flageolets, Carrot flute, and many more in his entertaining rendition of the Carnival of Venice.

Historical Flutes Town Meeting!

Exhibitor Showcase: Knuckle Buster Workout

World Record-Breaking Attempt for Largest Flute Ensemble with Sir James Galway:  Make history by being part of the world’s largest flute ensemble. Open to all flutists, but pre-registration is required.

And the Winner…………

Thomas Tallis’ Motet in 40 Parts for 58 Flutes: Hear one of the greatest masterpieces of polyphony for 58 flutists.