CJ Speaks His Mind (and someone writes it down)

NOT hair extensions

NOT hair extensions

It’s not every day that dedicated fans can plumb the depths of CJ Camerieri’s mind (though it is even less often that he combs his hair).  But for the second time this summer, New York’s most fashionable trumpet player waxes informative.  This time, people are even reading along.  And they’re talking.  There’s definitely some chatter going around.

Ok.  We’re back on subject here in paragraph two.  Amanda Ameer, the Oprah of classical music publicists and author of “Life’s a Pitch,” hosts the conversation. Highlights include “Sufjan” and “South Pacific” sharing a sentence, a double-helix-like explanation of CJ’s relationship to pop and classical music, and Amanda’s disgruntled reaction to her lack of free Broadway tickets.  There’s also a subtle Chris Farley reference.  Come on, people!

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