Hideaki on Flossing, Belt Brands and Lunch Tables

I am sincere

I am sincere

Hi.  This is Hideaki and here is my blog.  I’m going to make this quick and easy because I spent the last 15 minutes trying to write a first paragraph, and failed.  If you want to know exactly how I failed, I will tell you that I tried fusing NBA trades, politics, and music into one terrible sounding introduction.  It was very snobby and sarcastic.  Not funny at all.  It was educational though…so I’m not sad.

Today I would like to talk about being in a group like yMusic.  To me, being part of an ensemble is often musically gratifying and socially stressful, at least at first.  Getting to know a person is a lot more difficult for me than getting to know a person’s music.  I imagine this could be true for other people as well.  Ever wonder how yMusic members behave in real life, in their natural habitats?  Do you wonder what they eat for breakfast, what their favorite movies are, if they floss first or brush first or floss-brush-floss, or do neither?  Well, I have no idea.

Here are some short paragraphs about my fellow yMusicians that I think might be true:

Rob and CJ
Rob and CJ are very cool.  They can have conversations about hats and Italian shoes and vintage double-breasted trench coats for a long time without a hint of sarcasm.  They’re the real deal.  They wear the skinniest jeans in the group.  They love wine.  They can be in fashion magazines (although sometimes they remind me of pirates or pilgrims).  Rob plays on a pink bow which concerned me quite a bit the first time I saw him play, but I liked it very much by the end of that performance.  CJ is the oldest of 4 siblings, and is probably the worst water-skiier out of the bunch.

Alex somehow manages to wear very fashionable stuff and yet stay very uncool.  She can hang with Rob and CJ when they’re talking about clothes, but in a very nerdy kind of way.  I’m not sure what it is that she’s missing, but I hope she never finds it.  She may be the only person living in Brooklyn who is not hip.  She grew up in St. Croix, which is where Tim Duncan also grew up.  She likes old movies.

Nadia and I went to school together for 4 years and did not have a single conversation.  I don’t know why.  I think I must have been afraid of her.  I vividly remember how she was very knowledgeable about music history and that may be the reason.  I recently found out that she also has the ability to sing many many broadway musical numbers from memory, with the correct lyrics.  That event did not make me feel closer to her either.  We have yet to find a common ground, but I hope it will happen one day.

Mike is probably the only person in yMusic who I could have sat with during lunch time in middle school.  I don’t know him that well, but I have a feeling we could have been friends without music.  He’s super laid back.  Also, sometimes he is the only one laughing at my jokes.  CJ tends to laugh too but in his case it is usually a sympathy thing.  I mean, I appreciate that too.  I tend to stick close to Mike when the others start talking about favorite belt brands.

The End