Fashionably Late

muy autentico

muy autentico

We here at yMusic are occasionally fond of fashion to a fault. [I submit as evidence the following picture of our ringleader, Alex Sopp.]  Recently, a few of our members participated in a recording session for a musical theater adaptation of John Steinbeck’s, The Pearl.  Upon arriving, Hideaki received a string of compliments from CJ and me about a rather nice, crisp, dress shirt he was wearing.  He informed us that it was a relatively new purchase.  Later that evening, CJ and I privately debated about whether to further encourage him in that direction, knowing that Hideaki is a bit of a rebel, or at least a resister.  Throwing caution to the wind, we ultimately praised his journey toward closet diversification and repeated previous offers to spearhead group shopping trips.

Fast forward: yMusic has an upcoming gig with Ra Ra Riot at the Bowery Ballroom.

[Rewind: Our relationship with the band began when BAM (forcefully) suggested they augment their group for a show at the Brooklyn Next Festival last February.  I arranged six songs for the occasion and though some touring duties kept me from playing the show, all reports indicated that it was a success.]

A seemingly innocuous email from Hideaki, fast on the heels of the aforementioned recording session, spun wildly out of control in a way that I find too delicious not to share.  I present the transcript:

Hideaki: I don’t remember what we wore for riot last time. . . assuming whatever we want?

Rob: Wear one of those new shirts! Haha.  I think anything is fine. Just look ha ha hot

Hideaki: Actually you’re just the person.  I have a shirt that [I] usually wear under suits, but it’s too long to be worn untucked.  Is it ok to have [a] shirt shortened?  If so, how much?  Like just below the pockets of my jeans?   I basically want the same shirt to be tuck/untuck compatible.

[No chance we’ll be continuing without a pause!  “Is it ok to have a shirt shortened?”  No, no, this is the one: “I basically want the same shirt to be tuck/untuck compatible.”  Kind reader, please appreciate what a major development these statements constitute.  I am not a father, but the joy and curiosity I felt upon reading these words leads me to nearly make that silly comparison.]

Rob: I am just the person.  I do that all the time.  You just go to the dry cleaners (maybe take a shirt you don’t care about as much first and have them alter it just to make sure they don’t suck) and have them match the contour of it.  They usually will know how much.  They’ll fold and pin it so you can see how long it would be.  It’ll be like an inch or two.  I get that shit done for $10 in my neighborhood.  A lot of places will charge 2 or 3 times as much.  Try to avoid that.  In queens you should be good.

It’s a common problem with men’s clothes.  My suit guy was telling me it’s because the only time a man will return a shirt is if it’s too tight.  So they only measure the neck and the arm length and the width and length of shirt is done very conservatively so as not to rule anyone out.  So nearly all shirt purchases, with the exception of pretty fancy places that happen to fit certain individuals well, are incomplete without further tailoring.

I’m proud and excited to impart this little lesson to you.  And as such, i’m cc’ing CJ so he too can be proud.

When are we going shopping!

Rob (to Alex): this is a secret that i’m forwarding to you, but come on, how cute!  Let’s take him shopping

CJ: I’m so proud of you Hideaki!!!!!  We’re all doing so well. Nice work team.

Hideaki: This is all incredible, but this one sentence really made a difference.

So nearly all shirt purchases, with the exception of pretty fancy places that happen to fit certain individuals well, are incomplete without further tailoring.

So what you’re saying is that I can bring all of my shirts that are a bit too long/wide and they’ll fix it, and for cheap too?  I did not even think of that.

Thanks guys!  In a few weeks, I may be wearing a shirt that you haven’t seen before.  I won’t lie, this is kind of exciting. Oh by the way –  this conversation never happened.

We talked about…. overdrive pedals.

The End