“a scruffy-ish band of young musicians…”

Yesterday, yMusic had the pleasure of sharing the stage with its dear friend, Shara Worden. The occasion was Lincoln Center’s American Songbook Series and the group was dressed to the nines!  Merely 24 hours later, we are excited to share two reviews of our performance. The first, from The L Magazine, contains a veritable treasure trove of quirky praise for the group.  Allow me to whet your appetite:

Their contributions are well-known—these guys and girls have toured and recorded with the likes of the Arcade Fire, Spoon, Vampire Weekend, Jonsi and Grizzly Bear. Some graduated from Juilliard, others have played Carnegie Hall. You hear them on your favorite albums and see them at the most anticipated shows, only you don’t know who they are. Maybe you never thought to ask.

Three things.  1) How cool is this reviewer? 2) Please start asking! 3) It’s super synchronistic that our only non-Juilliard member literally played Carnegie Hall tonight.

Not to be outdone, The New York Times decided to weigh in.  In fact, they mentioned us five times!  Here are some choice turns of phrase:

She used yMusic not for lush arrangements, but as a bullpen full of potential counterpoint, with the instruments spinning off terse little rejoinders to her vocal lines. She had little instruments of her own, including an African thumb piano for one song, an autoharp for another…She left her vocal lines unsupported, to be teased or decorated by a quick scale on piccolo, a bass clarinet scurrying downward, pizzicato plinks, quick trumpet interjections or a lone sustained horn tone.

One thing: ‘bullpen.’

As you can tell, we are very proud of the concert and thrilled to be working with Shara!  Plans are being finalized for intensive recording in April and album release in the fall.  In the meantime, come hear us in Connecticut, New York and Minnesota this spring!

Graciously yours,

a graduate of the Manhattan School of Music

(no, not her)