New Record, Kickstarter Campaign

tumblr_mo9fpyadsP1r7gjd2o1_1280It has been less than two years since we released Beautiful Mechanicalour debut album, to some critical acclaim and quiet fanfare. In that time, yMusic has played a steady stream of concerts in NYC and throughout the US, toured Australia, recorded with Son Lux, My Brightest Diamond and Dirty Projectors, and grown to love its members and repertoire EVEN more than at the outset.


So, we figured it was time to do it all again: beg, borrow and steal to generate new repertoire, spend so much time together in rehearsal that we all order the same meal at Pho Grand, play some house concerts to try out new rep, and FINALLY, go into the studio to make a new album!  These steps have been completed, and we are really excited for you to hear the results.  But first, we need your help!  Please visit our Kickstarter to find out more about this new and exciting project. Send us a trinket if you can, and pass the link on to friends, family, and random strangers who seem like potential benefactors.  We promise you won’t regret a contribution!


View the Kickstarter campaign here.


Love- Alex, CJ, Clarice, Hideaki, Nadia and Rob