New EP Out Today!

November 5th is finally here, and we strongly encourage you to check out our latest offering, Year of the Dragon!  For those of you vinyl enthusiasts, and fans of pretty physical objects, click on over to Record Collection’s Online Shop to pick up a copy.  Reminder: each EP comes with a download code so that your iPhone won’t be sad.  For any of you who prefer to cut to the chase and download these songs immediately, feel free to visit iTunes to claim your copy.


Here’s a little more information on the music:


Year of the Dragon features a new arrangement of Sufjan Stevens‘ electronic work of the same name. The song was originally recorded in 2001, and was reworked by Nico Muhly in 2007 for the string quartet Osso, of which Rob Moose was a former member. One day in rehearsal, Alex Sopp had the idea for yMusic to perform and record it, and a few clicks of the computer later that dream became a reality. The B-side is a piece by Gabriel Kahane called “Without a Frame.” The material is derived from a longer piece he wrote for yMusic called “Fun House.” Within the larger piece was a beautiful moment, featuring a trumpet/electric guitar duet, and the group loved it so much that they asked him to expand it. Both pieces were recorded at the Phish Barn in Vermont and seem to enjoy each other’s company.