Upcoming Measure of All Things Dates

moatHappy July 5th to everyone out there! Do let us know if you need aspirin. Wanted to take this post festive moment to let you know about some upcoming shows yMusic will be performing with the inimitable filmmaker, Sam Green. As some of you may know, yMusic is one of Sam’s musical partners for his live documentary project, The Measure of All Things. The piece is about the Guinness Book of World Records, and profiles both its founders and many of its record holders. Sam selected excerpts from yMusic’s repertoire and the group performs these pieces while Sam narrates and triggers visuals that tell the story. The next event is in one week’s time, at the amazing Mass MOCA¬†and we encourage all your Northeasterners to come check it out. In the future, we will perform the piece at the Noorderzon Festival in Groningen, NL as well as at New York City’s The Kitchen and Boston’s ICA.


Check our events page for more information, and don’t forget to drink plenty of water today!