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yMusic to tour with Ben Folds!

  The time has nearly come! Later this month, yMusic will be embarking on a 4-week tour US tour with none other than Ben Folds! As you may have heard, yMusic has been working with Ben for the last 8 months on a very exciting collaborative album, slated for fall release. The collaborative tracks with [...]

yMusic welcomes Gabriel Cabezas!

yMusic may be a young group, but we’re a bit old-fashioned too. We believe in courtship, and cocktails before dinner. As such, we have taken our time, nearly to a fault, to share an exciting piece of news. Let us pose it to you as a series of questions. Has anyone noticed a young, dashing [...]

Rob in NY Times Style Section

All those years of vintage shopping finally paid off: Mr. Moose landed in the┬áNew York Times‘ Sunday Style section! (6 weeks ago…) The article is part of the Up Next series that profiles *relatively* young artists and entrepreneurs. In addition to raiding his fridge and photographing him on the roof, The Times managed to get [...]

Balance Problems in stores now!

Step right up and drink in our latest offering! In keeping with the tradition of two word album titles starting with the letter B, we humbly submit to you the following: Balance Problems, available September 30 from New Amsterdam Records. This album was recorded at Phish’ Barn studio in Vermont by Alex Venguer, produced and [...]