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Upcoming NYC Shows!

Friends! We are thrilled to be playing two free shows in our home city next week!  The first is our second of three performances in Lincoln Center, at the Atrium on May 1st.  We will be premiering a number of new works by exciting collaborators, including Mark Dancigers, Gabriel Kahane and Qasim Naqvi from Dawn [...]

yMusic Duke Residency

yMusic has had the honor and pleasure of spending the year working with PhD composition students at Duke University.  In addition to presenting a concert of their own repertoire this fall, the group has workshopped and recorded pieces by 8 student composers, spread over three visits, sampling the area’s best restaurants along the way!  On [...]

yMusic and Gabriel Kahane on Colorado Public Radio

In a week filled with travel, yMusic made stops in Durham, NC, where it unexpectedly hailed, and Denver, CO, where the group’s return trip was threatened by an overheated airplane brake!  In between, there was plenty of music making, and the performance in Denver was a collaboration with Gabriel Kahane, previewing material from his forthcoming [...]

Simon &…Camerieri?!

yMusic not coming to your city? Starting on February 8th in Houston and passing through nearly every major city in the US and Canada, yMusic’s own CJ Camerieri will be traveling with the highly anticipated “Paul Simon and Sting: On Stage Together” tour, playing trumpet and french horn. CJ is the newest member of Paul Simon’s regular touring band [...]