“yMusic—named for the polyglot generation from which its six hip virtuosi hail—turned out an arresting debut album on New Amsterdam, Beautiful Mechanical. The seven pieces combine in the perfect proportion of weighty to catchy, inspiring obsessive repeat listenings.”
Amanda MacBlane, Time Out New York
“yMusic are part of a resourceful, engaged cluster of young classical musicians who are furiously networking a full-blown scene into existence. Collectively, they represent the movement’s best qualities: broad-minded, ambitious, eagerly collaborative.”
Jayson Greene, Pitchfork
As “Beautiful Mechanical” shows, yMusic’s own sound is built on more than its members’ technical prowess. It’s full of whimsy, motion and percussion even though nary a drum is present. The sextet demonstrates its affection for the rhythmic requirements of rock and pop even when it’s in the guise of new music, a genre that has been dubbed “indie classical” or, as Ms. Sirota put it, “chamber music with a band aesthetic.”
Jim Fusilli, Wall Street Journal
“The working methods of yMusic quietly repudiate one of the more stultifying aspects of classical tradition: the obsession with fidelity to the written score, in which the performer lives to serve the composer. With yMusic the performers act as co-conspirators in the compositional process, interacting with the music as a living document, not an abstract ideal. The flexibility of the yMusic players puts them at the forefront of a rapidly changing performance culture… The group has set the bar high.”
William Robin, New York Times
“These young, classically-trained dropouts have all the prestige and virtuosity of classical music degrees with all the attitude and energy of an indie rock band, and yMusic is no different. These guys can sound as pleasant as a cuddly pop song at times and then without a flinch guide you into swirls of tumultuous avant-garde. That is both in compliment to the ensemble’s committed musicianship and to the composers/musicians who wrote tracks on Beautiful Mechanical. The centerpiece of the album, “Clearing, Dawn, Dance,” is where yMusic really soars though. The prolific Brooklyn-based composer Judd Greenstein really gives yMusic something to shine with. The 10-minute piece takes the ensemble in a number of directions, but yMusic always seems to one step ahead of the pages and pages of notes that fly by.”
Luke Larsen, Paste Magazine
“Even if you don’t typically explore instrumental or chamber music, you will want to discover Beautiful Mechanical. This is the sound that defines a good portion of what is indie music in the 21st Century, and that’s a “beautiful” thing. Embrace the music of yMusic…”
“The record exhibits a blend of instrumental voices that coalesce in a tightly knit, luminous synchrony that is exceedingly rare at such a stage, and in fact is difficult to achieve for even some well-seasoned companies. It’s as if each of the six players not only can anticipate what the others are thinking and thus expressing, but is perfectly situated to complement and amplify those sentiments. yMusic thus weaves these seven instrumental pieces with a grace and deftness that is utterly remarkable for its youth, indicating the musical expertise of its players and their adept understanding of the group aesthetic.”
Peter Zimmerman, Glide Magazine
“Sterling performances throughout from yMusic make a persuasive case for the ensemble’s abilities and provide articulate advocacy for the music.”
Michael Quinn, The Classical Review
“yMusic members elevate the seven compositions on Beautiful Mechanical with exquisite ensemble playing. While the album features newly composed music, the compositions are accessible but not cloying, and interesting too is the fact that yMusic eschews electronics for a wholly acoustic sound…[The album’s title] isn’t randomly chosen, as the seeming ease with which the musicians meet the high-wire challenges of the material is rendered all the more impressive given the composition’s intricate makeup…Despite being the products of six composers, the album’s pieces hold together as a unified set, an effect that obviously can be attributed to the consistent group persona yMusic presents throughout the recording.”
“All Things Will Unwind” is her third album with My Brightest Diamond, the indie-rock-meets-chamber- folk group built around her singing, songwriting and orchestration…Her chief musical partners on the album are the members of yMusic, a New York chamber ensemble at the heart of the current indie-classical overlap. And the writing is far from ornamental. Each pinprick or flutter or flourish in Ms. Worden’s arrangements manages to feel integral, supporting the songs as well as the singing.”
Nate Chinen, New York Times