“The working methods of yMusic quietly repudiate one of the more stultifying aspects of classical tradition: the obsession with fidelity to the written score, in which the performer lives to serve the composer. With yMusic the performers act as co-conspirators in the compositional process, interacting with the music as a living document, not an abstract ideal. The flexibility of the yMusic players puts them at the forefront of a rapidly changing performance culture… The group has set the bar high.”
New York Times- William Robin
“yMusic—named for the polyglot generation from which its six hip virtuosi hail—turned out an arresting debut album on New Amsterdam, Beautiful Mechanical. The seven pieces combine in the perfect proportion of weighty to catchy, inspiring obsessive repeat listenings.”
Time Out New York- Amanda MacBlane
“yMusic are part of a resourceful, engaged cluster of young classical musicians who are furiously networking a full-blown scene into existence. Collectively, they represent the movement’s best qualities: broad-minded, ambitious, eagerly collaborative.”
Pitchfork- Jayson Greene
As “Beautiful Mechanical” shows, yMusic’s own sound is built on more than its members’ technical prowess. It’s full of whimsy, motion and percussion even though nary a drum is present. The sextet demonstrates its affection for the rhythmic requirements of rock and pop even when it’s in the guise of new music, a genre that has been dubbed “indie classical” or, as Ms. Sirota put it, “chamber music with a band aesthetic.”
Wall Street Journal- Jim Fusilli 
“Just as a pianist does not take on Chopin without understanding the lilt of a mazurka, yMusic stands as one of the few groups capable of playing with the rhythmic verve of contemporary pop—a sensibility toward groove natural to anyone in a band but often foreign to the classically trained.”
Indy Week- William Robin
“These young, classically-trained dropouts have all the prestige and virtuosity of classical music degrees with all the attitude and energy of an indie rock band, and yMusic is no different. These guys can sound as pleasant as a cuddly pop song at times and then without a flinch guide you into swirls of tumultuous avant-garde. That is both in compliment to the ensemble’s committed musicianship and to the composers/musicians who wrote tracks on Beautiful Mechanical. The centerpiece of the album, “Clearing, Dawn, Dance,” is where yMusic really soars though. The prolific Brooklyn-based composer Judd Greenstein really gives yMusic something to shine with. The 10-minute piece takes the ensemble in a number of directions, but yMusic always seems to one step ahead of the pages and pages of notes that fly by.”
Paste Magazine- Luke Larsen
“The band has its own sound: often complex, always vital, without losing sight of lyrical, linear elements, however dissonant or shifting the harmonic center of the music may become.”
Arts ATL- Mark Gresham