yMusic Duke Residency

yMusic_1yMusic has had the honor and pleasure of spending the year working with PhD composition students at Duke University.  In addition to presenting a concert of their own repertoire this fall, the group has workshopped and recorded pieces by 8 student composers, spread over three visits, sampling the area’s best restaurants along the way!  On March 25, the group concluded the first year of its residency with a concert of the student works at Motorco in Durham.  There was a lovely turnout, and the group enjoyed the somewhat foreign experience of playing an entire concert without a single piece from its recorded rep.  The blog, YayRaleighMusic, wrote a lovely and detailed review of the show, which you can read here.  And please stay tuned for news of our 2014-15 season!

yMusic and Gabriel Kahane on Colorado Public Radio

ym cprIn a week filled with travel, yMusic made stops in Durham, NC, where it unexpectedly hailed, and Denver, CO, where the group’s return trip was threatened by an overheated airplane brake!  In between, there was plenty of music making, and the performance in Denver was a collaboration with Gabriel Kahane, previewing material from his forthcoming album, The Ambassador.  Nadia, Rob and Gabriel had occasion to speak with Brad Turner at Colorado Public Radio about their professional lives, as well as the concert program.  The group also performed a few of its works, Year of the Dragon and Without a Frame, in addition to a selection of Kahane’s songs.  Check out the interview and performance here!

Simon &…Camerieri?!

Simon StingyMusic not coming to your city? Starting on February 8th in Houston and passing through nearly every major city in the US and Canada, yMusic’s own CJ Camerieri will be traveling with the highly anticipated “Paul Simon and Sting: On Stage Together” tour, playing trumpet and french horn. CJ is the newest member of Paul Simon’s regular touring band and is happy to report that Paul is yMusic’s newest fan! Come see a show and hear one the many different projects that yMusic members are a part of outside of the sextet!

yMusic performs at Sundance!

Screen Shot 2014-01-25 at 3.28.43 PMWe were thrilled to start off our 2014 traveling streak with a visit to Park City, UT this week. After performing in Ogden this fall, the Salt Lake City airport looked comfortingly familiar as we strolled to baggage claim. Of course, the purpose of our visit was not merely to accumulate frequent flyer miles (#Delta), but to perform at the 30th Sundance Film Festival. The occasion was our collaboration with esteemed filmmaker, Sam Green, who was set to premier his latest “live documentary,” The Measure of All Things.


What Sam does is pretty unique: he creates a film that utilizes triggered visuals, both still and moving, live narration and excerpts of our work. The result defies easy categorization, and as such was included in the festival’s New Frontiers seriesWe were honored to work with Sam, and look forward to touring this project in years to come. In the meantime, read this piece from the New York Times blog to learn more about our work together!