yMusic joins Paul Simon for Eaux Claires!

PaulSimon_credit_MyrnaSuarez_0749_General2We are thrilled to be performing with Paul Simon at this summer’s third edition of the Eaux Claires Festival. As of now, this will be the only opportunity to see this collaboration, so don’t miss the chance to attend! The performance pairs classic songs from Simon’s extensive catalog with cutting edge new arrangements performed by the ensemble and composed by leading voices in contemporary classical music, including Marcos Balter, Bryce Dessner, Gabriel Kahane, Son Lux, Missy Mazzoli, Nico Muhly, Andrew Norman. Highlighting the poetry and masterful songwriting of Simon’s original works through thoughtful interpretations that reflect each composer’s unique style, this collaboration re-imagines some of the world’s most iconic and important songs with Simon himself at the helm.

FIRST is out

Happy release day! After great anticipation and lovely previews, we are thrilled to present you our new album, “First.” Written by Ryan Lott of Son Lux over five frenzied winter weeks,  and produced by Thomas Bartlett, the record is the debut release on our very own Communal Table Records. Please visit our online store for easiest access to “First” and our previous records.
“First” was conceptualized by the members of yMusic well before any of its music was written. After commissioning songwriters on our first record, and utilizing experimental production on our second, “First” is an attempt to build a record of chamber music which emulates the flow and structure of a rock record: 11 tracks, 40 minutes, Side A/Side B. 
To further this concept, yMusic chose to work with a single creative team, in this case, a composer paired with a producer. Instead of tasking the composer with creating an entire album’s work in isolation, this pairing allowed for feedback, encouragement, and redirection. The album was made quickly- two days of rehearsal, two days of tracking, one day of mixing- and then set aside while we toured with Jose Gonzalez and Ben Folds throughout 2016. When the dust settled and we came back to the project, we found we had created something really special. A true collaboration in the best sense, it’s greater than the sum of its parts.

“God Only Knows” w/ John Legend

Screen Shot 2017-02-27 at 11.20.37 AMEvery year, the Grammy Awards dedicates a special segment to notable musicians who have passed on. As we all know, 2016 was a particularly devastating year in that regard, and the In Memoriam segment was especially important. Ten-time award-winner, John Legend, was asked to sing the Beach Boys‘ classic, “God Only Knows,” and his producer, Blake Mills, suggested us as the band. Amidst a crazy week of touring the midwest and performing and recording in Brooklyn, we flew to LA to track Rob Moose’s arrangement in the same studio in which Brian Wilson and the gang originally recorded the song. Our version was released to the world the night of the Grammy’s, and we encourage you to purchase it here.

yMusic selected for New Music USA Impact Fund

nmusaNew Music USA and yMusic are thrilled to introduce the inaugural cohort of the NYC New Music Impact Fund. The Impact Fund represents the first major effort to aggregate and amplify the voice of the New York new music community online. It supports new residency relationships, provides general operating support, and leverages New Music USA’s online platform to share events and news with a growing fan base.  yMusic is honored to join the other 23 groups selected for this cohort, and looks forward to sharing further details of our inclusion with you!